Bold & Beautiful Recap: Sheila Warns Katie Not to Interfere With Her and Bill

In her office, Taylor tells Ridge by phone that situation with Bill and Sheila is under control. He shouldn’t come back to confront Bill because he’ll just yell and scream and make the situation worse. Sheila appears and Taylor lets Ridge go. Sheila wanted to talk to her now that she’s learned they’re really not all the different. She hopes Taylor can find a way to accept the situation so they can all exist in peace.

At Forrester Creations, Carter goes over the security of the building with Charlie given Ridge’s absence. Katie joins them as they reflect on the menace of Sheila running loose.

At Il Giardino, Brooke gushes over Deacon’s ravioli. Deacon tells her how much it means to him that she and Hope are proud of him. “That’s something I’ve dreamt of for a very long time.” Brooke smiles. They chat about his pizza and she offers to try some again. Deacon remarks on how great this is — two pals having a slice — he can talk to her about the restaurant and she can tell him how great her life is now that Ridge isn’t in it. He’d have loved to see the look on his fae when she and Taylor shot him down. “Proud of you.” Brooke relays that they’re proud of themselves too and want to be good role models for Hope, Steffy, Kelly, and Beth. She shares that there was another benefit no one foresaw, “I found a new dear friend in Taylor.” Deacon jokes that hell froze over. Brooke laughs that it’s pretty wonderful — they have a lot in common and not just Ridge. She changes the subject to Deacon and asks if there’s a woman in his life. He flashes to dancing with Sheila. Brooke can tell by the look on his face that there is someone.

Deacon Brooke B&B

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At Forrester, Charlie files out after explaining to a sober-faced Carter why he calls him the “Little Cheese”. Once alone, Carter asks Katie if she’s alright. She’s not, and explains that she found out more about how Bill blackmailed Steffy and Finn to keep Sheila out of prison. Katie rants that it’s unbelievable and she couldn’t sleep all night. Carter assures her she doesn’t have to tell him. Katie thinks it’s best he doesn’t know. Carter says that’s fine; his main concern is her. Katie relays that he went to see Bill, who implied that he would end things with Sheila if she took him back.

Carter Katie B&B

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In Taylor’s office, she tells Sheila she would love for them to live in peace and harmony, but the only way that will happen is when she’s behind bars. They go over Sheila’s past transgressions and Sheila reminds Taylor she put a bullet in Bill. She didn’t come to argue but to assure Taylor she won’t harm her or anyone in the family. “I care about you.” Taylor scoffs. Sheila reminds her, “I saved your life.” Taylor flashes to the scene on the roof. Sheila tells Taylor she’s a leader and the family will listen to her. She vows she’s not going anywhere. She understands how Taylor feels about shooting Bill and urges her to forgive herself. Taylor fumes at her to stop. “Stop what you’re doing.” She’s right that she needs to forgive herself, but she will never…

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