Meghan Markle ‘Screamed’ at Staff, Left Them ‘Broken’ and ‘Shaking’ With Fear,

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New accounts of alleged bullying behavior by Meghan Markle have been published in a bombshell extract of a new book by The London Times’ royal correspondent Valentine Low, the respected reporter who first reported that formal complaints had been made about Meghan by senior Buckingham Palace staff that she bullied employees.

In the new extract from Low’s book, entitled Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown, due to be published early next month in the U.K., Low alleges that Meghan repeatedly left staff in tears and shaking with fear after subjecting them to, or in anticipation of, angry tirades.

Meghan has previously claimed the accusations are part of “a calculated smear campaign.”

Low also alleges that after a series of public engagements in Australia, Meghan was overheard by several people saying, “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this.”

Low writes that in 2017, six months before the couple were even engaged, she told an adviser of Harry’s, “I think we both know I’m going to be one of your bosses soon.”

Don’t worry. If there was literally anyone else I could ask to do this, I would be asking them instead of you.

Alleged comment by Meghan Markle to staffer

Low alleges that Meghan saw it as an “insult” to have to deal with junior staff and when gently advised in late 2017 to go easy on her and Harry’s staff, is said to have replied, “It’s not my job to coddle people.”

Low also alleges that Meghan threatened Harry that she would break off the relationship with him if he didn’t publicly announce she was his girlfriend.

Low quotes a source saying, “She was saying, ‘If you don’t put out a statement confirming I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you.’”

Another source told Low, “He was freaking out, saying, ‘She’s going to dump me.’”

However, it is the bullying allegations that are likely to be most damaging to Meghan and Harry.

After speaking to one individual “particularly harshly” in front of other staff Meghan, it is alleged, told the person, “Don’t worry. If there was literally anyone else I could ask to do this, I would be asking them instead of you.”

Low says that Prince William, hearing of the incident, consoled the woman, assuring her she was doing a “really good job,” causing her to burst into tears.

One staffer who missed a call from Meghan is reported to have said, “She hasn’t called back. I feel terrified… This is so ridiculous. I can’t stop shaking.”

Low details a claim by a member of staff that Meghan and Harry repeatedly upbraided them by phone on a Friday night while the staffer was out for dinner.

You could not escape them. There were no lines or boundaries—it was last thing at night, first thing in the morning.

Former staffer

The anonymous staffer is quoted as saying, “Every ten minutes, I had to go outside to be screamed at by her and Harry. It was, ‘I can’t believe you’ve done this. You’ve let me down. What were you thinking?’ It went on for a couple of…

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