For the rich and famous, no request is impossible thanks to highly trained

If your hotel concierge sports golden crossed keys on their lapels, you know they are the best of the best. The pins are the symbol of Les Clefs d’Or, or The Golden Keys, a highly exclusive professional association of hotel concierges that represent the elite of the profession.

“Is there ever a strange request? Not in our world,” says Brian Mackenzie, chef concierge at the NH Collection Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam and the 3rd vice president of Les Clefs d’Or International. “The world of a hotel concierge is the passion to serve guests day in, day out. To face challenges and obstacles in delivering those memorable experiences. The performance is decisive for a successful stay.”

Still, most “regular” guests who have never requested more than a dinner reservation from a Les Clefs d’Or concierge might find their accomplishments on behalf of a guest something of a miracle. Discretion is a must for concierges, but we’ve asked them to share some of the most over-the-top guest requests that they’ve been able to fulfill.

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Organizing a private tour of a historic site that doesn’t offer private tours


For a concierge, it’s all about making the impossible possible, which often means finding clever solutions to a problem. For instance, when an American celebrity and his family wanted a private tour of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, an anonymous concierge at The Charles Hotel in Munich made that happen — despite the castle not offering private tours.

“We contacted one of our contacts on-site and bought a whole tour — 350 tickets — for the family so they could enjoy their privacy,” says the concierge. “We arranged a helicopter to fly them from Munich to the castle and had a horse carriage ready to bring them to the castle.”

The concierge notes that buying out a full tour at short notice was extremely challenging, given the popularity of the site, but they were able to make it happen. “Also, finding a spot for the helicopter to land close to the palace was quite tricky,” they note.

Sourcing a special Dior dress


Leave it to a guest at a chic boutique hotel in Paris to have a fashion-related request for their hotel concierge.

Hugo Vaysse, chef concierge at Hotel Montalembert, was once tasked with acquiring a specific Dior dress in a certain size and color for a guest attending a party in London. Typically, that’s an easy one. But the dress was out of stock not only in Paris but also across Europe.

“After several searches, the dress that she wanted was only available in one copy at the time of the request in Doha, Qatar,” says Vaysse. Vaysse then contacted a fellow Les Clefs d’Or concierge in Qatar, who was able to connect him to the Dior boutique to source the dress, which was shipped to the guest in time for the party.

Creating a lavish, Seven Deadly Sins–themed dinner for a wedding anniversary


Concierges are extraordinary event planners. Case in point: Concierge Bryan Funai of the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas once organized an extraordinarily extravagant dinner for a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary — one he…

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