Everything You Need To Know About Mutable Signs

Because Gemini is an air sign, their adaptability comes from their sense of communication and ability to speak quickly on their toes, per MindBodyGreen. According to the Astrotwins, Gemini are clever and comical; thus, Gemini can make fantastic “journalists, provocative writers, thought leaders, and wordsmiths,” the twins note.

Furthermore, strologer Lisa Stardust discloses that while most people think of Gemini’s two faces as a negative thing, it actually means that they can multitask quicker than any other sign (via Bustle). “You always do the work of two people,” Stardust says in regards to Gemini’s work style during the pandemic. “Now, your workload is tripling, giving each twin a workout for their money.” In other words, Gemini’s mind is constantly working faster than we can imagine, so change will come quite easily to this air sign. Their wit and intelligence are able to process things in a way no other sign can.

Adding on this, astrologer Susan Miller explains via Astrology Zone, “Seriously, being an adaptable Mutable sign, Gemini’s mind is always going at the speed of light. They can put various pieces of information together in a multitude of ways, and this makes them quite good at figuring things out, be they instructions to the VCR, the facts of a murder case, or the intricacies of the Congressional budget.” She then adds, “Gemini can change their position as quickly as they assimilate new information, remaining at all times objective.”

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