Readers sound off on border crossings, Yankees announcers and Rikers Island –

Plover, Wis.: I am fully aware that Democratic mayors have broken our Constitution with illegal sanction cities. They need to be arrested for aiding and abetting lawbreakers.

We need to plug up our border. Shame on you who do not live by the border and say, “Not my problem.” So many illegal immigrants put pressure on your tax dollars. President Biden, that jerk, paid some who broke our law. That bribe money, called “stimulus,” had money for illegal immigrants. How did that help America? Now a border governor is busing migrants to Washington. Oh, now that it’s in your playground, it’s illegal? Bus every migrant there, then round them up and deport them. We have every right to expect this government to uphold our sovereignty and protect our safety. At the border, there are rapes by mules, killings by cartels and how many dead bodies are not found in the desert? Due to Democrats’ stupidity, human trafficking is on the rise and drugs and guns are all walking in.

We were threatened by Democrats to be fined if we didn’t get a COVID shot. How many illegals with COVID have walked in? Wake up, sheep of the socialist Democratic Party. Think for yourselves. Save America and our way of life. Democrats want illegals to get driver’s licenses so they can vote. Hell no, we don’t reward lawbreakers. Come legally or be deported. Robert Pundsack

Kew Gardens Hills: I can’t wait to see what kind of bet Mayor Adams and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott make if the Yankees and the Astros meet in the American League Championship Series. Barry Koppel

Staten Island: To Voicer John Brandenburg: You stated that Michael Kay and Paul O’Neill are the worst announcers. I think they are the best. They don’t over-talk and drag out their responses as some announcers do. Their voices are pleasant and not annoying. I’m disappointed when the Yankees are not on the YES channel with other announcers. And as far as O’Neill’s laugh, it’s music to my ears. It’s so nice to hear them enjoying themselves as they do their job. Thank you to Mr. John J. Filippelli for choosing them for his YES Network. Antoinette Russo

Jersey City: I’ve been a diehard Yankee fan since the early 1960s. I remember the “glory teams,” as well as those Yankees teams and players that are best forgotten. Joey Gallo is definitely one of those players that we fans would love to forget. His stint with the Yankees has been a total waste. Now he is in L.A. Great news! Let him take his 100-plus strikeouts and 0.159 batting average to the Dodgers. The only cheers that Gallo will ever get from Yankee fans is when the Bronx Bombers face the Dodgers in the upcoming World Series at home and he whiffs at the plate like he usually does. Gallo’s tenure with the Yankees proves the validity of an old adage: A waste is a terrible thing to mind. Ivan Y. Genic

Forest Hills: Every hour, whether on cable or network TV, there are numerous commercials for Medicare (Joe Namath had less screen time when he was…

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