Cardi B Replies To Someone Calling Kulture Autistic

“Why y’all bring up kids for?”

Cardi B has never been shy to brutally clap back.

And on Friday, she did just that.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

In a now-deleted tweet, someone told Cardi, “Your daughter is literally autistic and you’re on stan twitter instead of making sure she’s not sticking her finger in outlets,” after Cardi posted a dancing video.

“My daughter is not autistic,” Cardi tweeted.

“You can’t call her ugly, so y’all have to diagnose her with something. Go play in traffic, bitch.”

My daughter is not autistic…You can’t call her ugly so y’all have to diagnose her wit her wit something.Go play in traffic bitch

Twitter: @iamcardib

“Don’t bring my kids up on shit,” she added.

30,40,50 …Don’t bring my kids up on shit…This is all because I put a video of me dancing and y’all wanted me to talk about rod vs wade …WHY YALL BRING UP KIDS FOR? Wtf my kids gotta do wit yall misery?

Twitter: @iamcardib

Some people praised Cardi for clapping back. Cardi even quoted or retweeted a few:

Twitter: @iamcardib

If Cardi responds to you that means YOU are in her mentions. And as a hater of Cardi why do you have her post notifications on, saying despicable sh*t in her quotes and replies and then cry when you get spanked?

Twitter: @DearBelcalis

But others informed Cardi how having autism is not a bad thing, nor should it be used as an insult.

@iamcardib You have every right to defend your child. I’m just trying to understand why saying a child is autistic would be used as an insult. If you don’t understand anything pertaining to a child having autism you should know that they are gifted and amazing in their own individual…

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