Jan 6 hearings latest: Committee examining Trump efforts to interfere in

Jamie Raskin says Trump has ‘essentially’ admitted to January 6 crimes

The January 6 committee is turning its focus to the states for its next public meeting.

The panel will meet on Tuesday for its fourth public hearing. The subject of the hearing will be Donald Trump’s efforts to personally pressure elected officials in Georgia and Arizona to interfere in the electoral process and overturn his defeat in their respective states.

In Georgia, lawmakers are set to give special attention as several state officials outline how Donald Trump went above and beyond to call on personal loyalties and even threaten criminal prosecution as he coaxed those in the Peach State to do his bidding.

Meanwhile, Rep Adam Kinzinger has published evidence of vivid death threats he has received in recent weeks in response to the panel’s work, which he said was unprecedented in his congressional career.


Twitter adds warning to Greitens ad

ICYMI: Twitter has joined Facebook in enforcing its rules against Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens over an ad appearing to call for “hunting” of Republicans who are in his eyes insuffiiciently conservative.

But unlike Facebook, Twitter has elected to only place a warning on the tweet itself, while allowing the video to remain.

Read more about the ad from The Independent’s Eric Garcia:

Graeme Massie21 June 2022 02:02


Facebook confirms removal of Eric Greitens ad

ICYMI: A spokesperson for Facebook parent company Meta confirmed the removal of an ad published by Eric Greitens’ Senate campaign on Monday due the ad’s shocking imagery and messaging.

In the ad, Mr Greitens and a squad of heavily-armed men in military-style gear breach an empty house while Mr Greitens declares he is “hunting” RINO’s – “Republicans in Name Only”.

“We removed this video for violating our policies prohibiting violence and incitement,” a spokesperson for Meta told CNN.

Read more from The Independent’s Eric Garcia:

Graeme Massie21 June 2022 01:07


Analysis: Five Senate races to watch in November

ICYMI: The midterms are expected to see the Republican Party take control of the House of Representatives, but the Senate is a slightly different matter. As Eric Garcia writes, some of the GOP’s chosen candidates have problems serious enough that they could lose winnable races, allowing Democrats to hold and even flip crucial states that might decide the balance of power in the upper chamber.

Read his full analysis below.

Graeme Massie21 June 2022 00:05


Why the January 6 committee is focused on Trump’s plot in Georgia

In the weeks after his shocking defeat Mr Trump poured much of his time and energy into Georgia and two of its top elected officials: Gov Brian Kemp, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Mr Raffensperger will testify before the committee on Tuesday as the panel shifts its focus towards Mr Trump’s covert efforts to directly interfere in the legally-outlined process for certifying the lawful election results in the state.

Read more about the ex-president’s attempts to thwart the will of Georgia’s voters (as well as the committee’s interest in his work)…

Read More: Jan 6 hearings latest: Committee examining Trump efforts to interfere in

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